Independent Surrogacy Arrangements

You found someone to carry your baby. Now what? Everything that would be done by an agency has to be done by you!

Follow this simple process:

Initial Legal Consultation:

Short consultation regarding overview of surrogacy process. Complimentary.

Psychological Screening

1. Consultation with the Intended Parents.
2. In-person intake with surrogate mother and partner.
3. Psychological testing and processing.
4. Follow-up with the Intended Parents and Surrogate.
5. Psychological clearance report to doctor and attorney.
6. Hourly or monthly retainer available for additional fee, if requested.
Fee $925

Medical Screening

1. Blood and STD tests
2. Vaginal ultrasound.
3. Physical examination.
4. Referral to genetic counselor, if requested.
Per doctor’s fee.

Insurance Review

1. Obtain most current copy of Surrogate’s health insurance policy.
2. Have surrogacy insurance expert review and assess policy.
3. Purchase new insurance for surrogate, if advised.
Per insurance expert’s fee.

Legal Contract

1. Discuss participant’s expectations.
2. Draft surrogacy contract.
3. Intended Parents review/approval of contract.
4. Surrogate reviews contract with her independent attorney. ($750)
5. Negotiate changes.
6. Parties notarize contract.
7. Legal clearance to doctor.
Intended Parents $2,500; Surrogate $1,000.00


1. Establish escrow account to hold money for Surrogate on behalf of Intended Parents.
2. Intended Parents fund account once the surrogacy contract is signed.
3. Close account 3-12 months after delivery.
Per escrow agent’s fee.

Finalization of Parental Rights

1. Draft court documents to establish Intended Parents as sole legal parents of child(ren).
2. Obtain signed judgment from court.
3. Communicate with hospital regarding birth certificate etc. Follow-up with letter, with certified judgment.
$2,500 + court’s administrative fees