Meyers & O’Hara is a highly experienced law firm with each attorney having over 25 years of work focused only on the reproductive law field. Some things can only be learned through years of experience and thousands of cases. We have seen every case scenario and can help you with the things you might not be thinking about. Our firm is poised to help guide you through the process to avoid pitfalls and problems. These kind of arrangements are unusual situations that seem safe, but require sound professional oversight.

This field has experienced explosive growth and advances in technology, and with it huge success for our clients. However, it has also attracted new professionals unskilled in an assortment of issues and without the skills, insights, and breadth of experience that Meyers & O’Hara’s 20+ years of experience can offer.  We are involved and committed members of our professional academies, ACAL and AAARTA.


We have a personalized approach to client relationships and work ethic.  It’s important to us that you have a working relationship directly with Lori and Milena and not only with assistants or associates.  We pride ourselves in offering “big firm” assistance with small firm care, attention, and quality.  As attorneys, we each have over 25 years of experience to help support your case with sound judgment and management.  We understand the particularities of different agencies, large and small, so we can assist you in your due diligence search to find the right donor or surrogate.  We can help you with specialized matches and searches catered to your individual needs and expectations.


Meyers & O’Hara enjoys working with family member donor and surrogacy cases including those that come from abroad, and find those cases very warm and gratifying. We have assisted many HIV+ clients become parents, as well as single parents achieve a family. Our office has worked with several high profile cases, and work hard to ensure that your confidentiality and anonymity is secure and safe.  We have worked with clients from many countries, including China, Belgium, Israel, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Spain, Singapore, Nigeria, the Netherlands, and the Philippines. We will assist you with the important aspects of coordinating with attorneys in your home county to ease the establishment of citizenship and immigration for your baby.

Legal agreements are comprehensive and up to date regarding medical and psychological evaluations, financial terms, assumption of risk, and insurance.  The right lawyer and team of professionals for your match will help you limit your exposure and avoid abuse of certain expense provisions such as bed rest and childcare costs.  Sometimes there are break ups and changes in relationships that affect the legal aspects of these cases and we can assist you to make sure everyone is protected.  Meyers & O’Hara has always been boutique and independent in our service style and business relationships, allowing us to provide objective and meaningful review of your case.


Meyers & O’Hara understands the need to work with professionals who have the experience to understand the nuances in negotiating this emotional area of the law. For a simpler understanding of the process, please see our Services page.

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